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You have to love the animal rights people and their screwed up logic.

I recently read online about a successful wolf hunter who received death threats.

People who don't care to hunt are one thing. Many don't have an opinion on hunting one way or the other. These folks choose to not hunt and I'm fine with that. But when animal rights zealots make death threats or cause property damamge, that's crossing the line.

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Why some of these people are so desperate to save animals like wolves or coyotes is beyond a reasonable, thinking person's logic. Have they ever watched videos or documentaries on how wolves and coyotes take down their prey? I have, and it's one of the more brutal things to witness in nature.

Some people call them beautiful animals. Or graceful. Or misunderstood.

Give me a break.

These folks assume hunters are nothing but bloodthirsty, beer drinking, rednecks. Allow me to shed some light on the differences.

Predators like wolves and coyotes don't exactly follow seasons or bag limits like people do. They are killing machines. They often run down their prey and then gang up on them until the animal is dead, biting and torturing a deer, elk or other animal in the process. Hunters, more often than not, put one shot in an unsuspecting animal and the animal dies either right on the spot, or within seconds, with little suffering. Humans only have a few months out of the year to fill a tag. Hunters are typically allowed two or three tags, with the most (with some luck) filling one. Wolves alone are responsible for killing 18-20 deer a year each, according to one wildlife biologist I've spoken to. That's just wolves, and doesn't account for coyote, fox or bear deer kills. Often fawns are the prey and sometimes the prey is a family's pet.

Predators don't help the deer herd, nor do the anti-hunters. Animal rights groups contribute nothing to wildlife, except protests, harrassment, and even death threats like I mentioned.

Sportsmen, on the other hand, should be thanked for what we do. We contribute money, we work on habitat management and volunteer thousands of hours in recruiting youth and others to begin hunting.

The bottom line is that the anti-hunters need to shut up. Let the true stewards of wildlife do what we do best and that's taking care of all the animals up to and including wolf harvest for the ultimate biodiversity.

Drop the death threats and all the other extreme views.

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