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If anyone has seen recent photos of me you'll notice I put back on some of the weight I've lost since my wedding. So if you've really been following the blog the last couple years you'll have seen me go from skinny to fat to skinny to fat. (Skinny being a relative term). Right now I am working on eating better once again, so I've started out by just eating salads for lunch and then a high-protein dinner. In doing so, I am using up the last of my venison from this year's kill.

One of my favorite quickie recipes is for venison stir fry. There's a million different ways you could do it, and you can make your own sauce if you want, but my way works for me. Here's what you need:


2 whole peppers

1.5 lbs of venison round

8 oz. of preferred sauce

peanuts as desired

The execution is simple. Chop up the venison round to small pieces and throw them in a wok. Cook until brown and then drain out liquid. Now add your sauce and however many peanuts you want to add crunch. Chop up peppers to either strips or little bits and put in last. Cook until the peppers soften up. Serve with rice.

It's not the lowest calorie recipe of all time, but that's mainly dependent on the sauce you use. I change it up almost every time. The key for me is just to remove the excess liquid after cooking the venison, as it's kind of foamy and weird.

To your health!

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