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A woman balances a dead deer on her bike along Rib Mountain Drive in Rib Mountain on Black Friday, November 29, 2013.
A woman balances a dead deer on her bike along Rib Mountain Drive in Rib Mountain on Black Friday, November 29, 2013. / Submitted by Julie Bunczak
A woman balances a dead deer on her bike along Rib Mountain Drive in Rib Mountain on Black Friday, November 29, 2013. / Submitted by Corey Clark


WAUSAU — I spend a lot of time online. It's my job, after all.

And sometimes I stumble onto something on Facebook or Twitter or wherever that I immediately recognize as 'internet gold.'

When my wife called me over to take a look at a photo on her phone late on Friday afternoon, I thought I knew what I was looking at. The photo above and others similar to it were making the rounds rapidly on Facebook.

The first photo I was shown (taken by Jason Kniess) depicted a woman in a pink winter jacket, making her way along a busy Rib Mountain Drive, with a dead deer balanced on the handle bars of her bike. There were plenty of witnesses that afternoon as this part of Rib Mountain was loaded with Black Friday shoppers.

Some who commented on the photos on Facebook chose to marvel at the abiity of the woman to balance the carcass and her shopping bag(s?) on her bike, others made jokes and others questioned the realism of the photo. Some highlighted the Thanksgiving aspect of the photo. But the sentiment that was most common went something like, 'Bless this woman! This may be her family's good fortune and I wish I had been driving along, able to help her with a ride.'

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I still don't know who the woman is. According to many on Facebook, the deer was hit by an SUV on Rib Mountain Drive. The woman was present when the deer was hit and asked the Sheriff's deputy, who tagged the animal, if she could have it.

The photos make me feel sympathetic toward the woman's plight on that cold afternoon. She doesn't appear to have any gloves on.

Supposedly, someone eventually offered her a ride. I hope that this part of the story is true. Also, there were many hunters who stepped up to offer to process the deer for her. That's nice to hear, too.

But with these photos that went viral online on Black Friday, nobody seems to know for sure.

What I know is that I was wrong about the photos and their quality as 'internet gold.' The woman's conviction to cross town on a cold day with a dead deer balanced on her bike is the most 'golden' element of this story.

As Julie Bunczak described the photo she snapped, "Most people in Wisconsin have to choose between hunting and shopping on Black Friday. Not this woman!"

On Facebook

If you have roots in Wausau, you'll want to check out the You Know You're From WAUSAU, WI If ... page on Facebook. There's plenty of conversation about the incident there and on the and the Daily Herald Media pages.

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