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It started out in the distance, a little dot of blue, then it got closer and closer and closer - quickly, I raised my camera to my eye: click, click, SAHHHHWOOOOSHHHHH BOOOOMMMMM! And it was gone.

That was my first experience with a F/A-18 Hornet jet as it passed by during a short run during the Blue Angel's visit to La Crosse on Tuesday.

Lt. Chamberlin and Lcdr. Cheng from the Blue Angles came to La Crosse to check out the airport and make sure the operations were up to par.

“With last year’s sequestration, we weren’t able to do shows, so it’s important that we pay you guys (La Crosse airport) a visit to make sure everything is ready for us when we arrive this summer.” Said Cheng. “La Crosse is a great venue, and we are just as excited to be here as you are to have us.”

The Angels crew consists of close to 40 people including pilots, mechanics, radio operators, a doctor, and other essential personnel. Most of the crew arrives in a C-130 plane dubbed 'Fat Albert.'

The pilots fly a F-A/18 Hornet fighter jet that during the show will fly within 18 inches of each other at 400 mph!

During the week of the event the Blue Angels train, work out at a local fitness center, perform community outreach and have special tour for disabled, elderly and students.

The event runs from May 31 to June 1 and consists of airplane demos, live music, food, and fun for the entire family, as well as live shows from the Blue Angels.

To learn more about Airfest you can go to their website:

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Anthony Larson of Coulee Region Adventures has been a guide for over 5 years, and is a lifelong resident of the Coulee Region. Anthony shares the many adventures one can have in the Coulee Region of La Crosse.

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