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Todd Wendorf/For
Todd Wendorf with a brown trout caught through the ice on a Lake Michigan harbor in January 2014. / Todd Wendorf/For
Todd Wendorf with a brown trout caught through the ice on a Lake Michigan harbor in January 2014. / Todd Wendorf/For


The warmer air temps we experienced over the weekend in southeastern Wisconsin were much more comfortable to fish in and seemed to activate the fish as well.

Fishing with my buddy Andy Schutz of McFarland we we found ourselves getting more hits on our Automatic Fisherman and seeing more fish come into our baits on our Vexilars.

I was fortunate enough to receive a new Vexilar FS800 as a Christmas gift this year and on Saturday I had an amazing time watching giant brown trout swimming below my ice hole.

About mid-morning I watched a very large brown inhale a spawn sac. In the clear water of the Lake Michigan harbor I was in I was able to see the fishes gill flaps flare and the sac disappear into its mouth. As the fish turned I set the hook and saw it roll on its side, only to see the bait reappear as the small #8 octopus hook failed to grab any meat in the fishes mouth.

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Andy a I caught a few fish that day, but perhaps the most fun we had came from watching fish swim through our viewing area. You can learn a lot in the process, like which baits are grabbing their attention, how high in the water column they're swimming, how big the fish are, what species are in the area, etc.

If you get a chance to try an underwater camera I'd encourage you to do so. It adds an entirely new dimension to your day and can be a great way to introduce young anglers to the great sport of ice fishing.

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Todd Wendorf specializes in wading and shore fishing throughout Wisconsin. Having grown up in northern Wisconsin, he now resides in the Madison area.

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