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Submitted by Anthony Larson

We've all been there a time or two, a dead battery and no help in sight. Off-road fishing spots make it nearly impossible to get AAA and your buddies are out of town. What a miserable situation!

I just finished testing the Jump It starting system by running my van battery down (in my driveway) and found success in the product.

I purchased the Jump It a little over a month ago at the Northwest Sports Show. I knew it was fully charged when I bought it, but didn't know for how long, so I intentionally let it sit in my closet.

I purchased the Jump It a little over a month ago at the Northwest Sports Show, I knew was fully charged then- but not for how long- so I intentionally let it sit in my closet.

After running my battery dead, I hooked up the Jump It and from the time it took to get the unit attached to my battery, to the time I jumped in my driver seat, the van started on the first attempt.

The built-in battery indicator shows there is power left it it.

Based on this test, I will highly recommend this product..

To learn more about MPower Industries or the JumpIt starter check out their website.

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Anthony Larson of Coulee Region Adventures has been a guide for over 5 years, and is a lifelong resident of the Coulee Region. Anthony shares the many adventures one can have in the Coulee Region of La Crosse.

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